Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In the pink

Hi, it's me. 2010 was my last post? How did I ever let it go this long? I was actually sad to see that many of my blogfriends have also had a 2010 date on their last posts.....So....thought I'd switch up my layout a bit for some oomph!

Hello, 2011!

NBear is still NBear: loved, loved, and loved. :) I sometimes forget that she is now almost 10 - or perhaps, maybe I just prefer to not admit that to myself. So hard to see them grow. You blink and then it's all vaporized into something called "yesterday".

Biomeds? Yeah, they're still there - a little here, a little there when we can afford the supplements, but we have ceased being full-on DAN parents. Officially, that is. Geez, I don't even remember the last time we saw or spoke to Dr. Mielke. *shrug* Despite that however, we are happy. We're happy knowing that we at least feel that we have enough information to go forward on our own with our supplement purchases, and diet restrictions (those AFP tablets are the BOMB!) for our NBear. We're happy seeing her come into her own, whether or NOT she is helped by the supplements we provide (did I mention we also still love Enhansa?). But most of all...

I am happy. I am happy that I now realize and accept - though this may not have been in my thoughts when I first started the blog - that NBear will probably never be the "normal" I had once envisioned for her when we started this journey. I am happy that I have grown to be a little more patient with understanding her, and that everyday seems to bring me closer to being able to breathe through the rough times (highly important for sanity reasons!). I am happy that I am supported by many loved ones - friends, family, and strangers alike.

But in the end, my happiness comes in the form of my three Bears, led by my beautiful first-born Toy Story-obsessed (doubt she'll EVER get over that movie mania), funny, loud, loving,....and yes, autistic...NBear.

To happiness,*clink*, and the many beautiful shapes it is able to take.

...and hello, 2011. :)


Janice said...

You sound happy and content. Beautiful post.

Happy Elf Mom said...

*clink* Celebrating with you! Hugs to you and NBear!

mimi taylor said...

Yay! Sorry we missed her FHC. my new blog is http://thefabmimi.blogspot.com.